Inside the Clubhouse you can enjoy pool and ocean views as you take care of your health & fitness needs. The three floors of fitness rooms contain top of the line TechnoGym cardio equipment with integrated TV/Computer/Health tracking systems, Life Fitness and Cybex weight training machines, Hoist machines, TechnoGym spinning bikes and large free weight rooms with ample free weights and machines. At our large Aerobics Room, numerous FREE weekly fitness classes are offered. Our Fitenss Center has all the equipment needes to Residents can stay fit and healthy!


Description of Complimentary Classes offered at The Diamonds

Body Flex

Come flex with us in this cardio and strength training class designed to build and sculpt muscles, strengthen your core, and improve flexibility. Body Flex will help you achieve the sleek muscle definition you’re looking for!

Sculpting Dance

Sculpting Dance is a fun, total body workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility into a dance class with great music and people, burning a ton of calories without even realizing it. Join us for this awesome fast-paced workout!

Low Impact Body Sculpting

Low Impact Body Sculpting is designed for individuals who want to tone and strengthen their muscles, while minimizing the total amount of stress on their joints. Our instructors offer a variety of modifications that are specifically tailored to the needs of every participant.

Core & Tone

Core & Tone will incorporate a variety of exercises and techniques to tone your core. Our instructors will help you sculpt your body at an intensity where you can also improve your endurance and strength.

Brazilian Body

Come challenge yourself in this high-energy, upbeat class where we combine cardio and weight training to build and tone your muscles. Brazilian Body is a total body class with emphasis on your glutes and core.

Spin/Boot Camp

This class is a step-up from the traditional spinning class. Not only will you ride the class away in an energizing cardio workout, but will also incorporate strength training on the bike. For those seeking to tone and get some cardio in, Spin/ Boot Camp is the way to go!

Body Sculpting Aerobics

Body Sculpting Aerobics is designed to shed the pounds away all while toning and tightening your body through a combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercises. If you want to maximize your fat-burning and muscle toning goals, then Body Sculpting Aerobics is the way to go!


Come relax your mind and body with our Yoga class. Here, you will work out every part of your body as you strengthen, tone, and detoxify. Our instructors will also lead you through breathing exercises as you flow through a series of poses that will help you find physical and mental balance.

Water Aerobics

Get ready to get your heart pumping and muscles moving in this awesome cardio workout. Experience the water resistance pushing you to different limits, all while exercising in its weightlessness. Water Aerobics will leave you feeling refreshed!

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is the pool party you do not want to miss! Come join us for this water-based workout that incorporates cardio-conditioning, toning, and dancing to Latin music all in one. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a beat!

Power Sculpting

Power Sculpting is a fast-paced class, high-intensity class using exercises designed to sculpt and tone every muscle group in the body. Come accept the challenge and let us help you reach all of your goals!

Dance & Stretch

Who knew you could get in a great workout all while dancing to your favorite music? Come join us in this fun and full-body workout as we incorporate dance moves and weights to provide you with a fitness session that will leave you feeling stronger and pumped!

Stretch & Flex

If you are looking to stretch and increase your mobility, then you have come to the right place. Stretch & Flex will take you through a variety of exercises that combine the best of Yoga and Pilates to improve flexibility, promote healing, and prevent injury. Come Stretch & Flex with us in this slow-paced class that will renew your body and mind.


Get ready for a complete mind-body experience with this class! Hop on one of our specialized bikes and let our instructors ride you through a fantastic cardio workout with energizing music. Spinning will help maximize your fat-burning goals while having fun!